Christian Devotional – January 8, 2019

The death of Jacob. Joseph had finally been reunited with his father and then he passes away. Chapter 49 of Genesis deals primarily with the various blessings that Jacob gives before he dies and then read Genesis 50:1-3.

Then Joseph fell on his father’s face, and wept over him and kissed him.
Genesis 50:1 NASB

Jacob has died and Joseph is listed as the only one who mourns him. None of the others are listed as weeping for him or looking to take care of the responsibilities involved with burial or carrying out his last wishes. Joseph handled all that.

Joseph treated his father in death the same way he had treated him in life. Joseph was consistent in his actions and didn’t allow his position to impact the way that he responded to his father or his father’s death.

Are we consistent in our actions and responses? Do we act the same way when no one is watching? That is called integrity and we see it as a trademark of Joseph’s life. Is it a characteristic of yours?

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