Christian Devotional – July 1, 2012

Isaiah 9:13–Yet the people do not turn back to Him who struck them, nor do they seek the Lord of hosts.

When we are disobedient to God, He will discipline us and allow things to occur to get our attention and turn us back to Him. However, when the people of Israel experienced these things, instead of turning to God, they turned against Him. When we face difficulties and the consequences of our wrong choices, do we turn to the only One who can truly make all things right?

Lord, You discipline us so that we can be brought back and made right with You. Help me to see Your love in Your discipline so that I can be brought back to repentance and into a right relationship with You.

Today is Sunday, so head on over to the Sisters in Cahoots where my Sunday devotional today talks about the motivation for our actions. Don’t forget to stop by there every day of the week for encouragement and fun with all the Sisters!

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