Christian Devotional – July 11, 2012

Isaiah 19:22–The Lord will strike Egypt, striking but healing; so they will return to the Lord, and He will respond to them and will heal them.

Discipline is not much fun to receive. The Lord does discipline those of us whom He loves. We must recognize that His discipline is not meant to destroy us, but instead to teach us and to heal us of areas in our life where we are not trusting or obeying Him. This verse discusses the fact that the Lord was going to strike the nation of Egypt, but not to destroy them. Instead, He desires to see them return to Him and He will provide the healing they need. Do we turn to the Lord or turn away from Him when we go through difficult times? The Lord desires to see us turn back to Him and will do what He has to do in order to get our attention.

Father, I don’t like going through discipline when I’m not obedient to You, but I’d rather have that than to be ignored or left alone by You. Help me to see Your hand in the circumstances of my life so that I turn back to You quickly for only You can heal me.

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