Christian Devotional – July 27, 2017

Worship and giving go together. In Nehemiah chapter 11, starting in verse 27 through the end of the chapter, we see the people preparing for the worship service to dedicate the work that they had done to restore the walls of Jerusalem. We see all the people that are involved and the big steps and production that they went to to be able to proclaim their worship of God and thanks for all he allowed them to accomplish. What’s so interesting to me, is that immediately after the worship, it talks about giving. It explains what the people were giving back to God as a response to the worship.

Time and time again throughout scripture, we see worship and giving going together. How can we truly understand and praise God for who he is, if it does not lead us to the place where we recognize he owns it all and out of love for him we can give all to him? If we are truly worshiping God, it will lead us to a deep desire to give back to him. What are we giving back to the Lord today?

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