Christian Devotional – July 29, 2013


Jeremiah 30:22–So you will be my people and I will be your God.


This statement sums up how we interact with God. It is to be a relationship. We belong to God and He belongs to us. The Lord desires to be close to us and be in a relationship with us. Do we seek the same thing? Are we trying to know and learn more about God in order to get more things from God or to deepenĀ our relationship with God?


Father, I desire to know You more and to grow in my relationship with You. You are my God and I am Your child. I desire You, please share with me more and more today. You are my heart’s desire.

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  • Zeronda Smith

    This is so true and relevant. Sometimes we get caught up in our careers and lose focus. I lost focust for 12 years and it took something at the time I thought was devasting to open my eyes and get me refocused on my relationship with God. Now that so called “devasting” event seems so little and minor because has shown me a new path and has presented with an opportunity fulfill a hire purpose. Thank you Lord.

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