Christian Devotional – July 4, 2013


Jeremiah 5:12–They have lied about the Lord; they said, “He will do nothing! No harm will come to us; we will never see sword of famine.”


When we deny that God will punish sin, then we are lying not just to ourselves, but also about God. We are denying the very character and holiness of God. God is holy and just and as such He must deliver the consequences of sin. When we minimize or deny our sin, (“It’s not that bad,” etc.) then we are lying about God. Do we recognize sin for what it really is: rebellion against God?


Father, You are holy and I confess to You that I don’t always take sin as seriously as You do. Help me to see as You see. I want to share the truth of who You are, not a lie.

2 thoughts on “Christian Devotional – July 4, 2013

  1. Hi there. It’s very nice verse. We cannot completely escape sins. God is the most Forgiving. The only unforgivable sin in the Hereafter is association, worshipping another god beside and or instead of the One True God. We have to believe in and worship the Almighty God alone and disbelieve in the false deities. A false deity could be an angel, prophet, saint, grave, star, planet, etc.; any god except The One True God is a false god.
    Thanks & have a nice time

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