Christian Devotional – July 6, 2016

Read Haggai chapter 2


Haggai 2:8–The silver is┬ámine and the gold is mine; declares the Lord Almighty.


We think we own such amazing stuff. We have this sense of ownership that is all wrong according to the Bible. The things that we think we own, we actually don’t own. God owns everything and we are simply stewards of all that He’s allowed us to have. We have to recognize that God owns all the silver and gold. He has control of all the money. As a result, we can know that only through God are we able to have and get the things that we are. We can trust God to meet our needs, after all, He owns everything anyway, so it’s nothing to Him to rearrange things and give us some of what we need. Will we trust God to have and own everything and to give to us as He deems necessary?


Father, I thank You that You own everything. I know that what I think I have, I actually don’t own and You have the ability to provide me with absolutely everything that I need in order to do everything that You want me to do. Help me get busy doing Your work since You will be providing all I need to do it.

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