Christian Devotional – July 7, 2012

Isaiah 15:5–My heart cries out for Moab; his fugitives are as far as Zoar and Eglath-shelishiyah, for they go up the ascent of Luhith weeping; surely on the road to Horonain they raise a cry of distress over their ruin.

Isaiah was prophesying the destruction of the evil country of Moab, yet he is saddened and broken over it. The people of Moab have been evil to the people of Israel, yet Isaiah is weeping over their judgment. Are we broken over the idea of even our enemies experiencing the wrath of God? Do we seek to bring those back to Him and allow them to see God’s forgiveness instead of God’s judgment?

Lord, no matter how people have treated me, I will strive to see them restored and forgiven. I do not desire to see Your judgment fall on anyone.

EXTRA: This weekend, my interview with The Christian Author show is being replayed. If you’ve not heard it yet, I encourage you to head over to and check it out. It takes about 15 minutes and I discuss my newest Bible Study, “The Decay Within.”

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