Christian Devotional – July 7, 2015

Read 1 Samuel chapter 1


1 Samuel 1:17–Eli answered, “Go in peace, and may the God of Israel grant you what you have asked of him.”


Hannah was in distress and she was crying out to God. She poured out her soul to God with all her hurt and pain and agony. Eli, once he understood what she was doing prayed that she would have peace. He asked that she would be able to move forward from this time in her life and from this place with a sense of peace. Only after that did he pray that God would grant her request. Do we pray and ask God to give us peace? No matter what we are going through and no matter how God chooses to resolve it, we can always pray for God’s peace in our lives.


Father, I pray and lift You up. I know that You are in charge of every situation. I pray that You will grant me Your peace in my life and my situation. Regardless of how You choose to work in and through the specific trials I am facing, I want to know Your peace first and foremost.

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