Christian Devotional – July 7, 2019

Do you believe God will do the impossible? It can often be hard for many of us to imagine God doing miracles in our everyday life. Yet for Obadiah, he not only imagined it, he expected it. Read 1 Kings 18:11-12.

And now you are saying, ‘Go, say to your master, “Behold, Elijah is here. “‘ It will come about when I leave you that the Spirit of the Lord will carry you where I do not know; so when I come and tell Ahab and he cannot find you, he will kill me, although I your servant have feared the Lord from my youth.
1 KINGS 18:11‭-‬12 NASB

Elijah told Obadiah to go get Ahab. Now, Obadiah knows that Ahab hates Elijah. He has been on a massive manhunt to find Elijah. Now, Obadiah genuinely believes that God will save Elijah and will whisk him away before Ahab gets there. He believes the impossible without question. In fact, he believes it so strongly that’s the reason he questions Elijah to make sure he’s understood the instructions he’s been given.

How confident are we that God will perform amazing and miraculous things in our daily life? Are we hesitant to do what God asks us to because we are so convinced of something miraculous? Or is the idea of God doing something miraculous in our life a foreign concept to us? What will it take for us to have faith like Obadiah that led him to believe the miraculous of God first and not have to be convinced of it?

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