Christian Devotional – June 1, 2020

The Message – #49

It all seems so pointless. Have you ever thought that? I know I have. It seems like Isaiah had felt that way too. Read Isaiah 49 and focus on verse 4.

But I said, “I have toiled in vain, I have spent My strength for nothing and vanity; Yet surely the justice due to Me is with the Lord , And My reward with My God.”
Isaiah 49:4 NASB

This chapter goes on to talk about the one true redeemer that will put everything to right and we know that person is in Jesus Christ. However, this verse intrigues me. So many times I have felt that the work I have done and the effort they have put forth into things all amounts to nothing. Yet, God sees our work and God knows it.

My reward for being faithful is from God, not from anyone else. Our reward should not come from other people whether they are our spouse, our children, our boss, or anyone else. Our reward for doing the things that we are supposed to do comes from God.

Are we waiting on him and looking expectantly to him to provide us our reward? Or are we upset when people around us do not live up to our expectations or provide us the reward or recognition that we feel we deserve? Never forget, we work for God. Therefore, God is who we should expect our reward from.

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