Christian Devotional – March 24, 2017

God deals with the issue of arrogance in Ezekiel chapter 31. The people were so arrogant they believed that they were the best, the brightest, the most wonderful of all that God had created. They saw themselves in such a great light, they saw no need and no reason to give any glory to the Creator.

How often do we see only the results of the creation, and not the Creator? As God has created us, he has also created all that we are and all the talent that we have to do. God gives us each amazing abilities and talents that we can use, however often we fail to give him the glory for that which he has enabled us to do.

We seek after glory for ourselves and we desire to be made much of by the people who are around us. Instead, we must understand that we did not give ourselves these abilities, God gave them to us. As a result, he deserves the praise and the glory for all that we are capable of because it is only through him that we are capable. Are we seeking to glorify God today and all that he has done for us and through us? Only he is worthy of praise for there is nothing that we can do outside of him.

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