Christian Devotional – March 26, 2014

Read Deuteronomy chapter 11


Deuteronomy 11:7–But it was your own eyes that saw all these great things the Lord has done.


Moses reminded the people, they should continue to believe that God can take care of them because they have been witnesses to the glory of God. They have no excuse; they’ve seen God move and work. In the New Testament, Jesus says that people who haven’t seen and yet believe are blessed, but what does that say about those who have seen? God has done amazing things in our lives. Will we believe what we haven’t seen yet and be blessed? Will we believe and remember what we have seen Him do in the past, for we can trust that He can do it again.


Father, I’ve seen You do great and amazing things in my life. I will trust You to do so again. Even when I don’t understand, even when I can’t explain, even when it hurts, I will trust You to be who You are and who You’ve shown Yourself to be in the past.

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