Christian Devotional – March 27, 2017

The whole goal of a Shepherd is to take care of the Sheep. In Ezekiel chapter 34, we read about Shepherds who had completely lost their goal. The shepherds have become selfish and were no longer taking care of the Sheep. The Sheep were left to fend for themselves as no one was protecting them from enemies. No one was feeding them. No one was leading them to good ground. The shepherds had all become selfish, focused on their own pleasures and gratifications.

God has placed us in a position to be Shepherds, but are we truly selfless? Are we seeking to help the Sheep to become better, and protect them, and lead them? If we are going to be true leaders among God’s people, we must be selfless Shepherds. We must consider the needs of the flock greater than our own personal needs. We must look to bring the flock out of danger and provide for the flock’s daily needs. If we are not doing these things, we are selfish Shepherds. What are we focused on it today as we lead people?

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