Christian Devotional – March 28, 2017

In Ezekiel chapter 35 God proclaims judgment upon the mountain. Mount Seir has been involved in several situations that have been harmful to the children of Israel. God comes to the place where he decides it’s time to act against this mountain, and a mountain will be laid waste and desolate. It’s interesting that God references the mountain specifically and not just the people who live on it. I’m sure that the people on the mountain have been part of the issues and concerns that have come up against the children of Israel, but God indicates the mountain as the recipient of judgement.

What are we spending our time around? The people in the areas where we spend our time can also lead to area that we may need to repent of. Where we spend our time is just as important as who we spend our time with. Where are we focusing our time and our energy? Is it a place that’s pleasing to God with people who are also pleasing to God?

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