Christian Devotional – May 11, 2013


Ezekiel 27:34–Now you are shattered by the sea in the depths of the waters; your wares and all your company have gone down with you.


The city of Tyre made its living from the sea. They traded and transacted business on the sea, yet now in response to their sins, the very thing they trusted to provide their livelihood was going to be their undoing. When we look to and trust in something besides God, often God will use that to get our attention and show us how untrustworthy it is compared with God Himself. What are we trusting in? Is it God or something else?


Father, It can be so easy to put trust in other things besides You just because I allow myself to be deceived. I repent and place my whole trust in You alone. You are the only One worthy of trusting completely.

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