Christian Devotional – May 13, 2012

2 Kings 13:5–The Lord gave Israel a deliverer, so they escaped from under the hand of the Arameans; and the sons of Israel lived in their tents as formerly.

Even when the people of Israel were not listening to God, He was still listening to them. He still cared for their needs and raised up people to deliver them. God will still be God even if we don’t acknowledge His Lordship. But, we then miss out on the blessings and the praise that we could have shared with Him if we did acknowledge Him.

Lord, I praise You for all You have done. I acknowledge Your Lordship over all things, even the things that are not directly acknowledging You. I pray You will continue to be You even when I stumble and fall and at times don’t give You the praise You deserve.

Today is Mother’s Day and we’re talking about it over on the Sister in Cahoots page. Check out today’s “Sundays with Kristi” talking about feeling Inadequate.

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