Christian Devotional – May 15, 2012

2 Kings 15:10–Then Shallum the son of Jabeth conspired against him and struck him before the people and killed him, and reigned in his place.

The kings of Israel had ll been evil and had led the people to do evil for so many generations that the country began to reap the “reward” for such evil. There began to be uprising after uprising and very few kings reigned for long. Most of them died by violent means as another person determined to take the throne. If we are promoting evil and teaching evil, eventually we will have people who have no conscience and just go and take whatever they want with no regard for anyone but themselves. Do we stand up for what is right or just allow our society to spiral into decay as Israel eventually did?

Father, You have laws and standards for a reason. You desire that we act like You and not act out of purely selfish ambitions. Help me to be brave and stand up for the things You stand for, no matter what because the alternative is chaos and decay.

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