Christian Devotional – May 19, 2015

Read Psalm chapter 119


Psalm 119:136–Streams of tears flow from my eyes, for your law is not obeyed.


This, the longest chapter in the Bible, is written as a love song to God’s Word. How much do we love God’s Word? Are we broken wen we see others dismiss it or down-play it? When people disobey or ignore God’s Word, it should break our hearts, just as it breaks God’s heart. Then, it should propel us into action. We can’t simply stand by while God’s Word is dishonored and disobeyed. What are we doing to help people come back to God’s Word?


Father, I love Your Word and I will obey it, but more than that, I will seek to help others obey it as well. I know that You are all I need and Your Word is Holy. I will help others to see that and I will stand up for Your Word today!

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