Christian Devotional – November 17, 2015

Before we jump into our devotional today, I just want you to be aware that something new and exciting is coming! More information will be available next week, but I wanted everyone here to be the first to know. Stay tuned!!!

Read James chapter 4


James 4:5–Or, do you think Scripture says without reason that he jealously longs for the spirit he has caused to dwell in us?


James is asking a question of his readers. Basically, he’s asking, “Do you think God is a liar?” You see, scripture indicates that God is a jealous God who longs for His own people and desires to have our love and devotion and obedience. However, people have been trying to love both God and the world at the same time. James said yesterday that was impossible. Still, people have been continuing. So, now James is reminding us that we’re essentially calling God a liar when we do that. God is jealous for us an will not stand to see another person of thing on the throne of our heart. If we profess to love Him, then nothing else should be on the throne of our heart except for Him. Are we calling God a liar today by our actions and devotions?


Father, You are the great and Holy One and only You are worthy of all my heart and my devotion. I will love only You. Forgive me when my heart strays and guide me in the path that leads directly to You. I will love and follow You only.

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