Christian Devotional – November 28, 2015

Read James chapter 4


James 4:16–As it is, you boast in your arrogant scheme. All such boasting is evil.


James has been talking about the foolishness of holding to our own plans when we don’t know what the Lord’s will has for us each day. This is the height of our arrogance when we feel that we can make our own plans and assume that everything will work out the way that we plan it. James reminds us that boasting on our own plans is not only the height of arrogance, but it is also evil as well. We Are we trusting in God’s plan for our lives each day?


Father, I will trust You and not allow my own pride and arrogance to cause me to boast in my own plans. I know that is evil and I will allow You to direct my path each day. Thank You for all that You have for me and all that You desire. I know that Your will is perfect and I will trust in You.

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