Christian Devotional – November 30, 2015

Read James chapter 5


James 5:1–Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you.


Starting a new chapter now, James is going to move into talking about how people who have trusted in their wealth are experiencing misery. This isn’t usually what we think of when we picture rich people. We must change our perception of what it means to be successful for riches and money aren’t the definition of success. While many people in the world would argue against this, as a believer in Christ, our relationship to Him and showing Him that we love Him daily through our actions and obedience is what God blesses. His blessings are often so much more than just money and things. What are we seeking more of?


Father, help me to trust in You and not in the things You have provided me. I know that I am only a steward of all that You have given me and I praise You for You grace and mercy. Help me to stay focused on You and seek more of You.

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