Christian Devotional – October 3, 2012

Ezra 5:5–But the eye of their God was on the elders of the Jews, and they did not stop them until a report could come to Darius, and a written reply be returned concerning it.

The Jews began rebuilding and the opposition came against them, again. This time, the Jews refused to stop building, even while they waited for the appropriate legal process to be followed. Unlike before, they continued to work and to build and to be obedient to God’s command, trusting that He would take care of the legalities and would protect and honor their obedience.

Lord, You are over all things and even when I have opposition come against me, I am to be consistent and steadfast at obeying You. No matter what distraction or opposition comes my way today, give me the strength to stand up to it and to continue to be obedient, knowing that ultimately You are in control of everything.

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