Christian Devotional – October 7, 2012

Ezra 9:10–“Now, our God, what shall we say after this? For we have forsaken Your commandments.”

What is confession? Confession is seeing our wrongs as God sees them and accepting that is what they are. Then coming to God saying, “I see these things as You see them and I never want to do that to You again.” Ezra recognized the people had sinned and he went before the Lord and simply confessed that sin, knowing that God saw the uncleanness and not making any excuses for it. Do we have any confessions that we need to make?

Lord, You see my wrongs and I want to see then as You see them. I confess them to You so that through You there is is forgiveness and restoration.

How do you guard your life? Head on over to the Sisters in Cahoots as we continue our study on the Armor of God.

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