Christian Devotional – October 8, 2014

Read 2 Samuel chapter 15


2 Samuel 15:31–Now David had been told, “Ahithophel is among the conspirators with Absalom.” So David prayed, “Lord, turn Ahithophel’s counsel into foolishness.”


King David’s son Absalom was attempting to take over the throne and David was fleeing into the countryside. Then David hears that his trusted advisor has turned and gone over to Absalom’s camp. How does he respond? David offers a prayer that God will intervene. In many situations, if not all of them, we find ourselves completely at the mercy of God. We cannot act or intervene. David could do nothing about his advisor switching sides. God knows we can do nothing to fix things or make them better, but yet we must turn the situations over to God and ask Him to intervene. Are we willing to do that and is that our first response?


Father, You see and know everything, so I will turn over to You all the things that come against me. I will pray that You will move in the best way for each situation and I will trust You to do that, knowing that You know best.

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