Christian Devotional – September 13, 2017

Do we trust God? Reading through Proverbs 3:1-12, we see lots of instances where trusting in God is required. We are to trust in him with the path that he has us walking down. We are to trust in him with our money. We are to trust in him with everything we are. How can we do this?

Trust is a word that is difficult for many of us to truly understand. We have been let down by so many people so often that we become very skeptical and untrusting of anyone, let alone trying to trust God. Yet here through the first part of this chapter, we see over and over again the importance of placing our faith and trust in God because he is worthy of our trust. That’s the thing with trust. The only way to build it, is to do it. If we will trust God with something small, he will show himself faithful, which makes it easier to trust him the next time with something bigger. And on and on it goes, trusting God more and more every single day. Are we seeking to trust in God? Do we intentionally place our faith and trust in him each day?

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