Christian Devotional – September 15, 2013


Exodus 5:9–Make the work harder for the people so that they keep working and pay no attention to lies.


Often times the enemy uses this same tactic that Pharaoh uses here. Pharaoh indicates that they should distract the people, get them complaining and focused on the difficulty of their situation and tasks and they will no longer focus on the truth of God. The Lord knows we must stay focused on Him no matter how difficult the day-to-day becomes. The enemy will call it lies, but it is actually the truth of God. He will guide us and His word will sustain us through those difficulties if we will stay focused on Him and not be distracted by the difficulties the enemy heaps on us.


Father, help me not to be distracted by the difficulty of my circumstances. I will trust You for I know You speak truth and not lies.

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