Christian Devotional – September 15, 2017

What are we teaching our children?  In Proverbs 4:1-13, we see a father giving instruction to his son. He teaches him several things he needs to be doing and some things that he should be avoiding. He teaches him about wisdom and how to have and keep wisdom in his life.

Are we sharing what we know with others? Whether it is our own children, or if it is other children or other people that we know, we are to be teachers sharing the things that we have learned through life. What have you experienced that you can teach others so they avoid difficulties? We have all learned so many things through life, how are we sharing those teachings and truths with others? How are we teaching others about Christ through our life?


  • rod terrell

    Never had children but I do have the opportunity to pass on what I have learned in life to my step grandchildren. It’s an awesome responsibility especially since my stepson does not follow the Lord.

    • Kristi Burchfiel

      You’re right Rod! We all have a responsibility to train up those children we have in our lives, regardless of whether or not they are ours directly. Keep up the great work with your stepson and step grandchildren!

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