Christian Devotional – September 16, 2015

Read James chapter 1


James 1:3–because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.


So from yesterday, knowing that we should consider trials and testing as joyful occasions, the question become “why?” Well, according to this verse, testing produces perseverance. How do we stay consistent and focused living out the day by day Christian life? When we experience testing, then we see God’s faithfulness in all that we do and we realize that we can trust in Him to see us through, which in turn gives us greater confidence to place our faith in Him in the future. Our challenges remind us to turn to God and allow Him to lead us because He’s done it before, He’ll do it again.


Father, I know that consistency is one of the hardest things about walking the Christian life daily. Please keep me focused on using these difficult times so that I may grow more consistent in turning to You and trusting You.

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