Christian Devotional – September 18, 2017

Are we wasting ourselves? As Solomon continues speaking in Proverbs 5:1-17, he is discussing an issue that has been a temptation for centuries, lust and physical pleasure. As we read these first few verses, we see that lust and physical pleasure are certainly sins to guard against. But more than that, they are sins that weaken a person. He asks why someone would want to give their strength to another. Why would they give the best of themselves to someone who don’t care about them?

It’s an interesting question, because when we are lusting after something else, we are giving the best of our energy and our desire to that something or someone else. Whether we are talking about physical love, affection, and intimacy or how we may be lusting after other things. Are we wasting the best parts of ourselves desiring after something or someone that we should not have. Our strength comes from God Alone. We are to seek after and follow only him, for he is the only one who gives strength, not takes strength away from us.

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