Christian Devotional – September 19, 2013


Exodus 9:30–But I know that you and your officials still do not fear the Lord God.


Pharaoh was saying all the right things. He told Moses that he planned to do all the right things, yet Moses knew that Pharaoh was only just giving lip-service to God. True obedience to God doesn’t come from feeling cornered by God or out of trying to manipulate God. True obedience comes from understanding who God is. Pharaoh did not yet understand who God is and as a result went back on his promise of obedience, just as Moses knew he would.


Father, I know who You are. I acknowledge and rejoice in all that You are. I will not just give lip service to You, but will seek to obey You in every area and all times. You are worthy and I will trust You.

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