Christian Devotional – September 20, 2015

Read James chapter 1


James 1:7–That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord.


Who is “that person”? According to the verses before this one, “that person” is one who lacks wisdom, asks God, and yet doubts that God will provide. Unfortunately, “that person” has a need that can only be met by God, but when they ask, they don’t really expect to receive anything from God. We often do the exact same thing. We know that God has the answer to the situations that we face, we come to Him and ask Him to help and intervene, but we doubt that He really cares or that He is really able to help. Based on this verse, when that is the case, we shouldn’t expect to receive anything from God. We shouldn’t be surprised when God doesn’t move in power in our life. We didn’t really expect Him to anyway. What do we expect from God? When we ask for Him to move in our lives, are we ready for it and expecting it to happen any day?


Father, I pray that You will move in my life. I know that You are powerful and mighty and capable of doing anything You choose. I will trust You to move, knowing that You will move in each situation according to Your will. I do not want to be “that person.” Keep be focused on You and on all that You have for me each day.

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