Christian Devotional – September 21, 2015

Read James chapter 1


James 1:8–Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.


Yesterday’s devotion (here) discussed how someone becomes the person that this verse is talking about and states that he or she shouldn’t expect to receive anything from God. This verse concludes this paragraph and goes on to indicate that the person not only shouldn’t expect to receive anything from God, but that they also shouldn’t expect to receive much from man either. The person who needs wisdom, asks God, and doesn’t expect God to answer is characterized here as someone who is double-minded and unstable. Not only will they not receive anything from God, their life here will be chaotic. They will never know exactly what decision to make or how that decision will affect people. Everything they attempt will be tainted by their lack of wisdom and failure to trust God. Does this describe our life? God is here to keep us from being double-minded and unstable; we just need to trust Him to do all that He has promised to do.


Father, I will trust in You and seek after You. I want to be single-minded and focused on You so that all my ways will be sure and right.

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