Christian Devotional – September 27, 2014

Read 2 Samuel chapter 4


2 Samuel 4:9–David answered Rekab and his brother Baamah the sons of Rimmon the Beerathite, “As surely as the Lord live, who has delivered me out of every trouble.”


With everything that David had been through, he continued to credit God and trust Him with the job of saving him. David didn’t assume that he was responsible for his own salvation, but that in every circumstance, God made a way for David to make it through. The same holds true today. God is actually moving and working to deliver us; we must wait on Him and His timing. Are we seeking and waiting on God’s deliverance from our trouble?


Father, I will recognize and acknowledge Your hand in all the areas of my life. You are the source of my salvation and You deliver me from every trouble. I will trust in Your plans for me.

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