Christian Devotional – September 5, 2014

Read Esther chapter 8


Esther 8:4–Then the king extended the gold scepter to Esther and she arose and stood before him.


Esther came before the king uninvited not once, but twice. Even after she was assured that she was safe and Mordecai was safe, she still risked her safety and returned to the king to plead for the lives of all Jews. Do we continue to fight for what is right even after our own safety is assured? God desires that we stand up for what is right, not just stand up for ourselves. Who do we need to stand up for and defend today?


Father, You are the Holy One and Your people and Your principles are worth standing up for, even if I am not personally affected. I will follow You and defend those who need it, even if it doesn’t personally affect me.

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