Christian Devotional – September 8, 2015

Read Zechariah chapter 9


Zechariah 9:12–Return to the stronghold, O prisoners who have hope; this very day I am declaring that I will restore double to you.


Hope is such a powerful word, especially for those who have been a prisoner. For these people, knowing that God was giving them hope and that they would be able to return to their place of strength was such a refreshing thought. No matter what sin has kept us imprisoned or what problem we have felt powerless to overcome. God gives us hope and he gives us restoration. He will keep His promise to us and will restore those of us who come to Him.


Father, I will praise You and will have hope because You have given me hope. Without You I couldn’t possibly have any type of hope or plan. You have given me the hope of restoration from anything and everything that has ensnared me. I will be a prisoner no longer for in Christ, I have hope!

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