Christian Devotional – September 9, 2015

Read Zechariah chapter 10


Zechariah 10:8–I will signal for them and gather them in. Surely I will redeem them; they will be as numerous as before.


God chose to save and redeem the people. Even though they had sinned and had rejected Him, He was patient and waited for them to return to Him and to repent. He was there waiting to redeem them and to pay the price for them so that they would belong to Him again. God still does this for us today. He is still waiting for us to come to Him and allow Him to redeem us so that He can restore us to even better than we have ever known. Are we willing to come to Him?


Father, I will come to You and I will love You. I have turned to You and found You waiting for me, just as You say. I will trust in You to be there for me no matter what.

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