Devotional – December 15, 2011

Psalm 142:1-2–I cry aloud to the Lord; I plead aloud to the Lord for mercy; I pour out my complaint before Him; I reveal my trouble to Him.

So many things we encounter and go through are causes for frustration and anger. Who is the first person we voice our complaint to? It should be God. He knows all and hears all. He and He alone is the one we are to voice our concerns to. He then will bring about the people and the opportunities to further share with others, if that is what He would have us do. He knows which situations need to be brought to light. Otherwise, He is sufficient to help us carry our burdens.

Lord, so often I get this backward and I take my complaints and frustrations to other people first. Forgive me and help me to realize Your timing is perfect. If I will trust You, You will orchestrate things in a way that will glorify You and work through the problems so much more effectively that I ever could.

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