Devotional – March 10, 2012

Jonah 1:12–He said to them, “Pick me up and throw me into the sea. Then the sea will become calm for you, for I know that on account of me this great storm has come upon you.”

Jonah was being disobedient to God and because of it, other people were feeling the effects. However, when he was confronted by them, instead of repenting and asking God to forgive him, Jonah decided that he’d rather die than do what God had told him to do. When we’re doing something wrong and are confronted about it by others, do we repent and commit to follow God or do we just try to find a way around it so that the consequences won’t affect other people?

Father, You have a plan and are capable of getting my attention when I am not following You. Help me to turn and ask forgiveness instead of just trying to find a way around You or a way to keep others safe while I continue in my sin. Only through forgiveness can I be made right with You.

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