Christian Devotional – February 8, 2018

What is the gospel message? It’s very simple and is mentioned in Luke 24:28-53.

and He said to them, “Thus it is written, that the Christ would suffer and rise again from the dead the third day, and that repentance for forgiveness of sins would be proclaimed in His name to all the nations, beginning from Jerusalem.
Luke 24:46‭-‬47 NASB

These two verses give the entire gospel message. Jesus Christ came and lived, died, and rose again so that we would be able to have access top forgiveness of sins based on His Righteousness. If we have received that mercy, we have a command to share that message with everyone that we come in contact with. Do we believe and have we received this message? Will we trust in Him?  Will we share with others?

Christian Devotional – February 7, 2018

What’s the best sermon you have ever heard?  Is there one that has been memorable to you or really stuck out to you? While there have been many great preachers over the years, I think the sermon I would most have enjoyed hearing was mentioned in Luke 24:1-27.

Then beginning with Moses and with all the prophets, He explained to them the things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures.
Luke 24:27 NASB

Jesus was walking along with some disciples who didn’t recognize him. Then He begins to preach. He goes back through the history and explains everything that had been foretold and how everything punted to Jesus being the Christ and the messiah that they had waited for. That must have been an amazing sermon that explained the truths of God and I bet those two men never forgot that message. Do we look through the scriptures and see how everything points to Him? Jesus is the entire point of the Old Testament and He is the fulfillment of God’s promise to Adam and Abraham and all the rest.  Will we trust in Him today?

Christian Devotional – February 6, 2018

How do we respond when someone is mean to us our attacks us? Jesus shows us how we should respond in Luke 23:26-56.

But Jesus was saying, “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.” And they cast lots, dividing up His garments among themselves.
Luke 23:34 NASB

This may be one of the most difficult verses to understand. So often we experience people trading us wrongly and we respond by looking for ways to get even or to get ahead. Instead Jesus shows us Berri clearly what it means to forgive others. He had been wrongly accused and is being unjustly punished, yet he forgives the people. Are we so focused doing anything, enduring anything, to bring people to Jesus Christ that we would overlook and forgive the wrong that people have committed against us?

Christian Devotional – February 5, 2018

We ask God lots of questions; do we believe His answer?  During Jesus’s trial, He was asked multiple questions over and over again. Yet the people chose not to believe His answers. Read Luke 23:1-25.

So Pilate asked Him, saying, “Are You the King of the Jews?” And He answered him and said, ” It is as you say.”
Luke 23:3 NASB

Jesus says that he is the king of the Jews. He says that he is the holy one. He says that he is the truth. Will we believe Him and trust Him and base our lives on these truths? Or will we just keep asking questions and refusing to believe?

Jesus gives us answers, we just have to believe them and trust Him. Will we do that today?

Christian Devotional – February 3, 2018

How well do we know ourselves? Often people think they know themselves very well and know exactly what they would or wouldn’t do in a situation. Peter certainly thought he did. He had told Jesus that He would never betray him, yet there he wasdenying Jesus 3 times. Read Luke 22:46-71.

The Lord turned and looked at Peter. And Peter remembered the word of the Lord, how He had told him, “Before a rooster crows today, you will deny Me three times.”
Luke 22:61 NASB

Despite all his assurances to the Lord that he wouldn’t do it, He did. Jesus knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows what we will do, even as he knows what we want to instead. The greatest part of this is that He loves us anyway. He chose to die for us and to forgive us even though He knows all about us and our failures and our weaknesses. We are loved, just as we are. What a beautiful reminder!

Christian Devotional – February 2, 2018

Do we focus on our need to overcome temptation? Or do we just wait and figure that we will wing it when we are facing trials? See what Jesus says in Luke 22:24-48

and said to them, “Why are you sleeping? Get up and pray that you may not enter into temptation.”
Luke 22:46 NASB

We need to just expect that we are going to go through temptations. They are going to happen. Will we be ready for them? Jesus is telling His disciple to get up and pray so that they will be ready and will be able to overcome. Yet we need to be just as ready. Are we praying, knowing that we are going to face temptations? Are we preparing and on our guard?

Stop sleeping on the job and start preparing for what God is warning us is coming. Be ready and prepared. Temptation is coming.

Christian Devotional – February 1, 2018

How do we show that we remember the Lord? Jesus gives us one very specific way in Luke 22:1-23.

And when He had taken some bread and given thanks, He broke it and gave it to them, saying, “This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me.”
Luke 22:19 NASB

Whether you call it Communion or The Lord’s Supper, the purpose and response is to be the same. Christ did this with His disciples right before He was arrested and crucified. He admonished them to do this as a way to remember Him.  Not just Him, but what He does for them. He is the One who gives His life as a ransom for us. His body was broken on our behalf. Will we seek after what He has for us? Are we truly remembering what He went through on our behalf? Give Him thanks for all that He had done for us.

Christian Devotional – January 31, 2018

How well do we wait? We have all heard that Christ is going to return one day. But are we watching for that day and are we ready for that when it comes? Looking at Luke 21:25-38 we see this verse:

“Be on guard, so that your hearts will not be weighted down with dissipation and drunkenness and the worries of life, and that day will not come on you suddenly like a trap;
Luke 21:34 NASB

Waiting is hard. No one likes waiting and we all want to see the things that we are waiting for come about. Still, Christ cautions us that we are going to be tempted with some specific temptations while we wait. We’re going to be tempted to focus on distractions such as the dissipation and drunkenness. Will we focus ourselves and our time on things that are self-satisfying and self-pleasing? The other temptation is to worry. Are we waiting for the return of Christ in a way that we can be proud of the way we are waiting?

Christ’s return is an exciting event and we have an opportunity to wait in anticipation. Don’t miss out on the blessing by using this waiting time to focus on ourselves, instead of the one we are waiting for.

Christian Devotional – January 30, 2018

What are we holding on to? In Luke 21:1-24, we see a couple of stories that are pretty familiar. First we have the story of the woman who put into the offering all that she had. Then we have Jesus telling about the destruction of the Temple. Finally he tells about the signs of the end of the world. So what is the common theme that brings these together? Take a look at these verses.

And He said, “Truly I say to you, this poor widow put in more than all of them; for they all out of their surplus put into the offering; but she out of her poverty put in all that she had to live on.”
Luke 21:3‭-‬4 NASB

Jesus calls her out and commend her for her faith and trust in Jesus. She is placing everything at Jesus’s feet and holding nothing back. Jesus wants the people to understand that they can’t hold on to anything, not their fancy Temple, and not even the security of knowing what the future might hold. Do we lay everything down, like the widow did with her coins, or are we still trying to hold on to things that are going to ultimately fade anyway? We must come to the place where we recognize that God is owner of everything and the more we try to hold on, the more we will lose. Are we giving our all to Christ today?

Christian Devotional – January 29, 2018

Are you dead or alive in Christ? See what it says in Luke 20:27-47.

Now He is not the God of the dead but of the living; for all live to Him.”
Luke 20:38 NASB

The religious leaders had been testing Jesus trying to find ways to make him slip up so they could accuse him. Yet when they posed this question, Jesus was able to effectively answer it and then explain that God is the God of the living not the God of the dead.

As we are going through our life in Christ, in the day-to-day experiences that we have, are we experiencing God as a God of the living? Do we recognize that we have life through Christ? He is the one who gives us purpose and meaning, and without him in our lives, we are truly dead.