Christian Devotional – May 27, 2018

Any decision-makers here?  The ability to make good decisions is often praised by friends, family, and employers alike. Yet what does The Bible have to say about making decisions? Read Psalms 75.

But God is the Judge; He puts down one and exalts another.
Psalms 75:7 NASB

Ultimately, God is the one who makes decisions. He is the one who has the final say over anything and everything that we experience in this life. Do we seek his guidance? Do we respect his decisions? If we find ourselves constantly questioning why God allows the things that he does, we need to re evaluate if we are truly allowing him to be God or if we’re trying to be God. God is the judge. He makes decisions on other people’s lives. Not us.

Christian Devotional – May 25, 2018

How important is our name? Some people love their name; others hate their name. We give ourselves and others nicknames at times. The Lord also had a name and his name is above every other name, yet not everyone treats his name that way. Read Psalm 74.

Remember this, O Lord , that the enemy has reviled, And a foolish people has spurned Your name.
Psalms 74:18 NASB

We can tell who is a friend and follower of Christ by how they treat his name. Do they curse with it? Do they speak with it in love? Do they drag it through the mud oir use it sarcastically? If others were watching you and evaluated your Christian walk by how you use the name of God, whay would they think about you? Choose today to reverence and respect the name of God.

Christian Devotional – May 23, 2018

God is the one who fights the battles. He is the one who provides victory. As a result, He is the one who decides when the right time to move is, so sometimes that is not when we are expecting him to move. See Psalm 74.

Remember this, O Lord , that the enemy has reviled, And a foolish people has spurned Your name.
Psalms 74:18 NASB

The Psalmist is reminding God of all that the enemy has done as a way to help move him on toward action. God moves because of his own glory and his own name. Do we glorify his name to others?

Christian Devotional – May 22, 2018

It’s hard watching evil people seem to prosper and to be rewarded for doing things thst we know to be wrong.  It doesn’t seem fair and it can make it feel like all the good things we try to do in obedience to the Lord don’t count. Read Psalm 73.

When I pondered to understand this, It was troublesome in my sight Until I came into the sanctuary of God; Then I perceived their end.
Psalms 73:16‭-‬17 NASB

Asaph felt that way too. He wondered why he had spent so much time and energy to be obedient to God when it seems like the evil people have more fun. Then comes verses 16 and 17. Those who live in rebellion to God have simply traded temporary pleasure for eternal pain. They are receiving their reward now, but we will look to receive our reward externally. This time that we spent here is nothing compared to the time that we will have in eternity. Are we living for the here and now or for the eternal?

Christian Devotional – May 21, 2018

May God’s glory spread through the whole earth. We will generally say this and will see all that God does, but do we truly mean what we pray? Read Psalm 72.

And blessed be His glorious name forever; And may the whole earth be filled with His glory. Amen, and Amen.
Psalms 72:19 NASB

So what do we envision when we pray for God’s glory to fill the earth? Have you ever thought about it?   When we think God’s glory, we know how amazing and powerful it is, but also how life changing it is. God’s glory through the whole Earth would change everything about the Earth.  Are we ready for that change? When we think about what everything would look like with God being glorified, do we truly desire to see Him lifted up or do we actually desire to see ourselves lifted up?

Christian Devotional – May 20, 2018

Where do we habitually stand? When it comes to the things that we believe in and how we focus our life, what are the things that we stand on continually and consistently? See what Psalm 71says.

Be to me a rock of habitation to which I may continually come; You have given commandment to save me, For You are my rock and my fortress.
Psalms 71:3 NASB

Christ is to be for us a habit. He is the one that we are to habitually stand on. He is the rock and the fortress, but unless we are standing on him habitually, it will do us no good. What good is a fortress that we don’t hide in or that we continually run out of? Do we make a habit of resting in him?

Christian Devotional – May 19, 2018

Who do we call on when we need help? How do we respond to the difficulties and stresses that can seem to overwhelm us daily? See Psalm 70.

But I am afflicted and needy; Hasten to me, O God! You are my help and my deliverer; O Lord , do not delay.
Psalms 70:5 NASB

God is ready to hear our cried for help and to respond. He knows that we have many struggles that we face and many enemies who seek to do us harm. He is there to lead and direct us and to guide us in every area that we face. Do we seek after him?  Do we cry out to him?

Christian Devotional – May 17, 2018

I am tired of feeling “blah.” So many times throughout the days and weeks it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the “stuff” that is in our lives. We deal with the people and situations that seem intent on bringing us down. It can be hard to find the silver lining in the dark cloud. See Psalm 69.

I am weary with my crying; my throat is parched; My eyes fail while I wait for my God.
Psalms 69:3 NASB

I have to remember that I am not the first person to go through this feeling and I will not be the last. This world is difficult and even just because I follow Jesus that doesn’t guarantee a simple, easy life. I am still going to struggle and I am still going to go through hard situations. I know that God is still with me and He is the one who will walk with me through the hard times. Will I trust Him with my feelings and my struggles?

Christian Devotional – May 15, 2018

God is awesome! He is amazing and wonderful and He is the one who provides everything for us. See Psalm 68.

O God, You are awesome from Your sanctuary. The God of Israel Himself gives strength and power to the people. Blessed be God!
Psalms 68:35 NASB

God is amazing and wonderful and He has allowed us to know Him. He bestows on us all that we have and all that we need. Do we praise Him for all that He does for us?


Christian Devotional – May 14, 2018

Why does God bless us? When you stop and think about it, it is not aleays clear why God will allow us to receive some blessings. Yet he explains his reasons for blessing us in Psalm 67.

God blesses us, That all the ends of the earth may fear Him.
Psalms 67:7 NASB

Everything that God does is centered around receiving the praise and glory that he deserves. He blesses us so that others will see what he is doing and will praise his name as a result. Do we give the credit back to God for all that he had done in our lives?