The Decay Within – Production Diary, Part 8 – Marketing

I must say, having a book in production is something like being pregnant. By the time the last trimester comes around, time seems to stand still and nothing moves as fast as we want it to. We spend a lot of time just waiting and waiting until the time is right to meet the newcomer.

Well, we are in the final stretch, the last stage of the book production process. Now, I’ve headed over to Marketing. The book itself is complete. Everything is set, it’s headed over to the printer to start creating copies to send to distributors who will in turn provide books to bookstores, online book retailers, and other venues where people purchase books. We’re almost there!!

What happens now? Well, I get sent to my Marketing Representative, James Branscum.

I’ve known James for a couple of years as he’s also my representative for my first book, “Without Regrets.” He has a whole team of marketing personnel and publicists who work with him to help create contacts and buzz around my books. They help me work to set up events to showcase my work. In the next three months, we’ll be slowly putting together a plan on how best to launch “The Decay Within.” Three months until “Launch Date!”

Launch date is the official release date for a book. This is the date that it becomes available through online retailers, the date that it’s available at local bookstores, the date that people line up overnight to be able to be first in line to purchase their copy… well, that last might be a stretch in this case, but you never know 

How do we build momentum for the launch date, which will be in the middle of April? 
    – First, I order my advance copies and I make them available for purchase to everyone possible. I placed my order today and expect to have those in 3 weeks available to ship anywhere in the world. I’ve set up a spot for you to place your order for an advance copy (or copies, there’s no limit) at a discount with free shipping. To get your order in, go to my website HERE
    – Second, I look to identify various places to spread the word. I’ll be sending out postcards to churches, contacting people who purchased “Without Regrets,” looking for interview opportunities with radio and TV outlets to be done after the launch date.
     – Third, I’ll be asking people to share this news with others. So… please share, get the word out, forward, Tweet, Facebook, whatever! Is your church looking for Sunday School material? Does your Small group need a new study? Are you searching for something for your personal study time? This would be the perfect study for you! Just contact me and we’ll get your copies ordered!

I’ll have one more Production Diary as we arrive at the launch day. In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how best to spread the word about “The Decay Within!”

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