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Book Review – A Heart’s Home by Laura J. Marshall

I don’t know about you, but his has been a very busy summer so I apologize for not having gotten the book reviews up weekly like I usually do. I’m hoping to get things back on track!

A Heart’s Home by Laura J. Marshall is a historical fiction romance novella that is set in the 1700s. The story starts when young Asyra, whose mother died in childbirth, receives word from her maternal grandmother that she has been arranged to marry a young man in England. Asyra has grown up almost her entire life in India with her father and, after his death, her uncle and has never even met her grandmother, let alone the young man who is her intended. Her grandmother sends an agent as well as a lady’s companion to India in order to escort her back to England.

Once she meets up with the dashing Braddock Weston, the brother of her fiancé and her grandmother’s agent, along with the elderly Mrs. Campbell, life just becomes even more confusing. Asyra struggles to figure out who she is and who she wants to become. Through their capture and escape from the French, then the long journey back to England, and even as she meets her Grandmother and her fiancé, Braddock’s presence in her life never wavers and Asrya finds herself relying on God to help her have the courage to discover who He has designed her to be.

Asrya’s faith coupled with her bravery and tenacity, even as she struggles, gives Asyra a depth of character that I enjoyed and felt drawn to. The plot line is well thought out and keeps moving from one section to the next as the story develops. I am not an expert on 18th century customs, but the story seems to fit well in that time period. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I can say that I have found another author I will be following for future books.

You can click on the cover of the book above to learn more about this wonderful book.

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