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Book Review – Chosen by B.L. Ninaber


Captured, imprisoned, and tortured, Aedan is forced to relive his entire life and the choices he made that led him to the pit he now finds himself in. B. L. Ninaber’s tale Chosen takes us into the life of Aedan. Only now, as he looks back over his life does he see how he’s been protected by forces he did not see, while still being tempted and influenced by evil. He never realized that the choices he made with his life were so important, with such far-reaching consequences. Yet now he is trapped and condemned, unable to see how the promises from the King could possibly apply to him.

B. L. Ninaber has done a beautiful job of creating the feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, and unworthiness that Aedan, along with many of us, have felt when we’ve come to the end of our rope. Yet, woven throughout the story like a golden thread is the promise that the King has chosen Aedan for something greater, if he would only accept the promise. The King and his son make the ultimate sacrifice to be able to save Aedan from himself and the consequences of his choices. The Christian parallels are beautifully done and easily identifiable. The beginning sections of the book are dark and do evoke such a powerful sense of the hopelessness Aedan felt that it can be hard to see how things will get any better. Yet, how many of us have felt that same darkness surrounding our lives, only to realize that we too, like Aedan, have been Chosen by the Heavenly King who was willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for us, even in the midst of our despair. Even in the darkest of times, there is hope, for we are Chosen.

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