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Book Review – Marketing Your Book on Amazon by Shelley Hitz


As an author, I was certainly interested when I saw “Marketing Your Book On Amazon: 21 Things You Can Easily Do for Free To Get More Exposure” by Shelley Hitz available. I picked up a copy and was very excited to see what she had that I could start implementing. Shelley offers 21 tips for authors to help them navigate marketing strategies on Amazon.

This book gave some good background as to the reasons she wrote the book and what she hopes readers will gain. She has a very easy to read style and she does a great job of explaining step by step how to implement the suggestions. She also offers a series of how-to videos along with it to further explain and demonstrate.

Overall I found the book helpful with several good ideas. Many of the ideas were things that I had already done, but not everything so it was great to get some new ideas. This is certainly a good book for anyone who is new to the publishing world and does provide a good check for those of us who have been doing this for a while. Definitely worth checking out.

Click the picture above for a link to the Amazon Page or check out Shelley’s Author Page here.

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