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Book Review – The Lottery Ticket by Tony Eldridge

The Lottery Ticket: A Novel

What would you do if you won a billion dollars in the lottery? What if others learned you had won it before you did and were plotting to take it away from you by any means necessary? This is the scenario faced by Jason Breezey in Tony Eldridge’s book, “The Lottery Ticket.”

Tony has a masterful way with words as we are taken deep into the world of corporate corruption. Eighteen year old Jason tries to cope with the death of his father, and yet is being dragged further and further into an underground world for originally unknown reasons. As he pieces together the mystery of his father’s last few days and the presence of the winning lottery ticket he never knew existed, we are taken on an incredible journey full of twists and turns.

I thoroughly enjoyed Tony’s book. I found it captivating and couldn’t put it down until I had finished it. The book is fast paced and the plot twists were exciting and made for great story-telling. If you enjoy action and adventure, you will love “The Lottery Ticket.”

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