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Book Review – The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley

You will always end up at the destination that is at the end of the path that you choose. That is the guiding principle of the book by Andy Stanley. He masterfully shows how people can end up at the destination that they didn’t realize they were headed toward and wonder how they got there. Yet, they had chosen to get on the path that led to that destination, even if they didn’t realize it. Andy hasĀ  a great writing style that really connects with the readers and this was a great book to read. The concepts in the book are excellent and will really work to help people take a good look at their decisions and what is driving their decisions. It also demonstrates how those decisions will ultimately lead down a path and the reader must choose if that is the path that they want to go down or not.

I love the discussion questions at the end of each chapter. This would be a great resource to read on your own or to read together for a small group. My husband and I read it together so that we could evaluate some of our decisions and see how they line up with the principle of the path. This is an excellent book and is well worth the time and money to read and apply the principle within.

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