Book Review – Wounded Heroes Book One: Kill Shot by Anne Patrick

Recently I started reading the Wounded Heroes series by Anne Patrick. The First book in the series: Kill Shot, introduces us to Kory Wagner. Kory has been back in the United States for about 8 months after her discharge from the Army. As a decorated infantry combat medic, she made a name for herself being willing to go places right in the thick of danger. Shortly after she got back, her sister was killed by an apparent drunk driver. But the more she looks into her sister’s death, the more it seems that someone here wants her dead, too.

As Kory is searching for answers to her sister’s death, Sheriff Sean Harding is tasked with trying to keep Kory from becoming the next victim. But, how do you protect a woman who’s used to fighting for her life on the front lines of Iraq? As they both search for answers, they also learn how God is there for them in the midst of the most difficult times of uncertainty if they will trust in Him.

I really enjoy the first book of this series and give it 5 out of 5 stars. The plot line stays moving throughout the book, which kept me turning pages all the way through. I could understand and believe the characters and the descriptions of the little campground where they are at is so descriptive I could visualize the cabins and the bait shop. I love that the relationship with God is not just thrown in as token statements, but that it really delves deeper into how a person leans on God through the hard times of life. This book is entertaining and enjoyable and readers will be blessed by reading through it.

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