Christian Devotional – December 21,2012

Leviticus 7:36–These the Lord had commanded to be given them from the sons of Israel in the day that He anointed them. It is their due forever throughout their generations.

God appointed the sons of Levi to have a special job as priests. God gave them their job and He anointed them and made it possible for them to do their job. God has purpose for those who follow Him and He also makes it possible for us to fulfill that purpose. Are we following God and allowing Him to equip us for the purpose He has for us?

Father, thank You for using me and giving me purpose. Thank You for not setting me up for failure, but for providing the way that I can fulfill the purpose You’ve given me. I will walk in obedience to You and rely on You.

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  • Ann Correll

    Great new look Kristi. You devotional is also right on. So many men and women of God are seeing (and hearing) that our Father is building an army for His glory in the near days ahead. Our job is to be ready. We must make sure we are studied up, prayed up, and able to listen up. I’m so thankful that He called you and you’ve found your purpose. So many will be strengthened and as the Word goes out, my prayer is that it will bring those who are searching for God and purpose to your website and the Holy Spirit will grab their hearts and minds for also prepare for the future. God Bless Kristi and have a great, blessed celebration of our Saviors birth.

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