Christian Devotional – December 22, 2012

Leviticus 8:34–The Lord has commanded to do as has been done this day, to make atonement on your behalf.

Moses took Aaron and his sons and set them apart for the special purpose that God had for them. However, first God had to cleanse them. God knew what had to be done in order to cleanse Aaron and his sons. They could not do it themselves. God knows what is required to truly make a person right with Him. He commanded and they obeyed. For Aaron and His sons, this was a temporary cleansing, but for us, through Jesus Christ and His atonement on our behalf, we can find permanent cleansing before God.

Father, You had a plan for exactly what was required to make a person right with You. The people could not do it on their own, they had to be atoned for. Thank You for sending Your Son Jesus to be the perfect and permanent solution to our need to cleansing.

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